Interested in advertising on Keenspot? Please E-Mail us at to request a copy of our Media Kit and discuss the variety of advertising and exclusive sponsorship options Keenspot has available.

Or are you a busy person who has no time for lookin' at fancy Media Kits or talking with sales reps? Or perhaps you've advertised before and are ready to order more ad impressions? Okay then, you can skip all the jibber jabber and place your 728x90 banner ad order lickety-split! Take the fast-track to ad satisfaction by filling out the quick and easy PayPal form below and clicking the big green button!

728x90 Banner Ads for $1 CPM ($100 Minimum Order)

What exact URL should your 728x90 banner ad link to?
At what URL can we download your ready-to-display 728x90 banner?
How many thousand ad impressions do you want to order? (100 = 100,000 views)
Payment will be sent safely and securely via PayPal. Note that we will not accept individual ad orders under 100,000 impressions ($100 at $1.00 per thousand adviews), and that you must have your 728x90 ad banner designed and uploaded so that we may download it from the URL you supply in the form above. Your ad should begin appearing across the Keenspot network of 50+ sites (a detailed listing of Keenspot sites can be found here) within a few days of submitting your order. If you want your ad to begin and/or end its run on a specific date, please E-Mail us with your request. Thanks!
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